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posted on 10:41am - November 14 2006 | posted by darkeroasis
simple thoughts
that only I seem to understand
i reach out with my mind
and touch the perfection with my hands
lost in emotions i didnt know i had
simple thoughts but deep enough
to drive even a man like me mad
i touch the keyboard
and play with words
i called for you in my desperation
by you never heard
my time it seems
just simply never occurred
you touched me like a nerve
and i felt you
trying to runaway from the game
god dealt you
your decision
took you awhile to figure it
i gave you the cup
you just decided to drink from it
what is enough
i've never had it before
i want more of that same old stuff
trapped like a handcuff
in spite of my predicament
i set you free
everybody wants some of my energy
but who feeds me
burning and empty to the third degree
from walking to crawling
grappling thoughts like a fighter
abstract writer
simple life...................
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posted by: guest · date: 4:19am - November 09 2013

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posted by: NeroAnima · date: 4:46pm - May 16 2009
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posted by: TranquilScreams · date: 8:31pm - December 05 2006
I like this peice..simple..yet deep..at the same time..but you sound so lonely...it's sad..good poem
I am so fucking lost...

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