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The power of Hemp - The plant god blessed man with « Potheads Un-Anonymous!
"The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I still think the best medicine is and always has been cannabis." - Willie Nelson
posted on 7:01am - January 04 2005 | posted by Lev
The power of Hemp - The plant god blessed man with
The photo above is from a documentary on industrial hemp. It pictures a house in france being built out of boards pressed from hemp. The wood made from hemp is strong, flexible, durable and better at insulation.

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. With him he brought gifts for the natives of hemp seeds and cloths

I'm going to be writing several articles on the history of hemp and it's uses today and how it can save the planet. I think in general I'd estimate over 90% of the world has very little knowledge or education over the plant. Most are probably even un-aware it was, according to historians and scholars, one of the first known plants ever purposely cultivated by man.

It's been the number one crop for over 5000 years until it was outlawed in 1936 by the US government passing the "Cannabis Tax Act" in order to illegalize marijuana. I also will be writing a few articles discussing how the plant became illegal, how the cotton and timber industries played a part the major role in fighting to keep the plant illegal in order to protect their industry.

Why, today, is hemp, non-psycho-active with no hallucinigenic properties and no THC, still illegal as well as marijuana? Why is the government going out if it's way to keep us from using the plant we have been using as the source of our industry for thousands of years?

Who are they protecting? Who benifits from hemp being illegal?

It's been used by American colonials and loved by the first president of the United States of America. It was required to be grown to support an active industrty. It's been used by the romans for clothing, garmets and other purposes of war. The chinese wrapped the wounds of soldiers in battles with cannabis leaves because of it's curative properties.

It was the primary fiber used in all ropes, nets and sails on ships used by the first Americans, France, England, Spain and Portugal..

It can produce paper, ink, animal foods, wood, hats, cloths, rope, paper, shampoos, soaps, washing detergant and literally thousands of other products. But why is it illegal? Why are we cutting down our forests everyday when we have a renewable crop which can produce four times as much fiber as wood in a life cycle of mere months?

Hemp growing doesn't need any weed killing, no pesticide, and the raw material grows naturally in the state that it needs no chemical intervention as is needed with the cultivation of other crops.

I'm sure half of what I said about is news to most of you reading this; that's why I'm going to be posting several more in depth articles on the history of Cannabis, why it became illegal and why it should be legalized.

More to be coming for sure very soon.

an old US flag produced out of hemp fiber
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hemp saves lives
posted by: Rev. Felix Elevenclaw · date: 6:48am - May 01 2006
i've known for a long time that hemp is such a good thing. i talk about some of the more tangible benefits we can gain from industrial hemp on my web site. if anyone reads the info on my site and would like to add some new info, please let me know.
We are the people we have been waiting for to save us, from ourselves. Rev. Felix
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posted by: TranquilScreams · date: 5:13pm - March 30 2006
holy shit!..I knew canibus had great power..but I never knew it was to that extent..someone need to notify our government of how much dick they suck..=/
I am so fucking lost...

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posted by: Britt · date: 5:19pm - February 08 2006
i seriously never knew they could do all that with hemp. make houses? holy crap. lol.
i have hemp lotion, it smells kinda weird, but it works so freaking good.

ps. god made weed. it was even probably in the garden of eden. god said not to eat the apple. they could of gotten high instead! imagine how different the world would of been.
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posted by: Nemo Metis · date: 3:13am - February 08 2006
I'm told the 'Mr Nice Guy' book is real good, so i'm gonna go see Howard Marks next time he's in my area (he comes around 2-3 times a year). Also, the southern US didnt force Anslinger to do anything - it was all his idea in the first place. It started off as cannabis made you violent and such bullshit, then moved into the racist phase, and took a complete u-turn during the cold war - the government in the US were saying it made you passive and suseptible to the communist ideals and such like. the irony being the russians, despite having used cannabis since forever as a recreational drug, fell for that propaganda themselves and banned it for the same reason the americans did - claiming it was a weapon from the opposition!
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posted by: earthbound-chil... · date: 1:51pm - January 06 2005
Yeah, You proberly also know this, but the campain used in the 30's by the US goverment, was based with rasicm...claiming that it was the cause of "satanic" music such as jazz, and that "smoking cannabis, causes white women to sleep with negro's"
Marajuana is also just mexican slang for cannabis.
Have you heard the Hindu folk story about cannabis, called the sea of milk?
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posted by: Lev · date: 6:13pm - January 05 2005
yeah, jews, muslims AND hindus... Hindus were permitted to smoke cannabis because it was a gift from "shiva", the god/goddess of creation and destruction. according to hindu religion, shiva endowed man with cannabis as a pasttime to relax and feel pleasure.

I heard something else recently saying that the Christian church also played a large part in paving the way to criminalizing something people had been using forever.

The christian church, during the dark ages, banned cannabis and instead choose "wine" as the substance of divinity. They classified and considered marijuana "satanic". I don't want to offend any christians here or anything, but the sad truth remains the Christian religion as a whole, has a remarkable history of labeling anything that doesn't fit into it's whole plan as "satanic". If it doesn't go by the same rules and properties as of what they are capable of understanding then the devil must have sent it to them.

Today, obviously, we should be more educated than that and realize it's nothing more than a chemical reaction with the THC in your brain.

Aboutt what you said about jews and muslims again though... I heard from some jewsish people about a year ago that in Israel today many of the jewish people (and RELIGIOUS leaders) still consume cannabis and don't think of it badly. Muslims and many other religious people actually partake in the herbal pleasures of cannabis because alcohol is forbidden by their religion, but cannabis is usually allowed or urged.

The rastafarian church also tolerates and urges the use of cannabis. They say it's simply a key to tuning into wave lengths where your mind functions on a more advanced and peaceful leve. They basically consider it a shortcut, to what a buddhist might consider, nirvana.

I really wanna read the books, "Mr nice guy" (story documenting the life of Americas biggest cannabis smuggler) and "The emporer wears no clothes" (which I *THINK* but could be totally wrong) was written by Jack Herr (one of America's leading movementarians for the medicinal marijuana movement.

Basically as many of the texts and films I've been seeing put it; It's basically like this:

Man has used and loved hemp since the dawn of time. It's been used for textiles, clothing, food, fuels, oils and vitamins and an essential part of industry and progress for thousands of years. Historians acknowledge it to be one of the OLDEST groups humans used; and the list of purposes is even bigger.

Then in the 1930s, in an effort to deport and detain iilegal mexican farm vagrants, the southern US states forced Jerry Anslinger to pass a federal law making it a crime to possess any amount of cannabis without having a tax stamp for it. The only catch is, to this day the government has not given out any of these tax stamps, thereby preventing anyone from ever owning cannabis.

In the 1930s the DEA did something history probably never could have seen coming. It outlawed the number one fiber in the world since the begining of human history and forced the entire rest of the world to swallow the garbage and criminalize it as well.

Most of you probably didn't even know, the ONLY reason cannabis is even illegal in the majority of the world today is because of the US government.

Cannabis is still technically "illegal" in Holland due to many of the international anti-drug treaties and rules (founded for the purpose of protecting the cotton and timber industries), but the dutch people and police do nothing to enforce it because they do not feel it is a law that should be enforced.
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posted by: earthbound-chil... · date: 5:17am - January 05 2005
I am reading a book at the moment called DopeLand by John Birmingham -the author of "He died with a felafel in his hand"(its exellent) and it had a chapter on hemp history, and made a really good point about how it can be traced back to the cave men. There were offen hemp seeds in they're drawings, and how someone..i'm not too sure about facts, said there is resemblance in the spun out cave drawings and, the stoned's feeling, and the way we veiw everything while stoned, something along those lines- your proberly know all this lev, but yeah. Also had something about Jew- or Arabs, being allowed to smoke cannabis, although alcohol and such was forrbiden, it was seem as a gift from god.
I've got this book called "Hemp- Lifeline to the future" by Chris Conrad also, its pretty exellent and makes a few good points.
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