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What do you call 'normal'? « psychology
posted on 5:02am - May 15 2006 | posted by DarkDida
I certainly don't consider myself normal and I'm sure everyone else says the same thing at some point. But, what does normal mean to you? Is being bi normal? Is being happy seeing death normal? What is the limit of normality? You tell me. Tell me anything that you consider normal or abnormal. After all, there is never a limit to what us wonderous creatures can percieve.
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posted by: guest · date: 11:43am - September 05 2012
posted by: Lady Lucifer · date: 9:42pm - July 30 2010
I find the word "normal" a little bit archaic to be honest. Life, people and places are so unique that you can't say there is any template for "normal"

Normal is just a word for enforced morality. Some people choose to adhere to these stabards and others, like myself, chose to exoerience and enjoy.
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posted by: guest · date: 1:14am - May 25 2009
I believe there is no normal, but simply an accepted average that humanity has established for itself in order so that they may feel above the other living creatures that we are in actuality a part of. This helps the average human feel a sense of belonging when they act in a way that the current social trend defines as "normal". These people that are not considered "normal" by the majority of humans are simply outside the current accepted average.
posted by: daverules707 · date: 5:06am - November 28 2007
normality is only what you make it. if a day goes as any other average day in your life goes, it was a normal day.
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posted by: MotleyFiend · date: 1:53am - June 22 2007
I think not being normal is the new normal.
~Love, MotleyFiend ;)
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posted by: itsjustme · date: 4:59am - June 19 2007
Normal is being you and not trying to be someone or something else.
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posted by: PoyzenGirl · date: 1:23am - June 02 2007
i say.. im normal.. everybody else is weird!

people who *can't* or *won't* accept others for who they are or what they look like.. that is what's "weird"

but that's my opinion.
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Normal is as normal does
posted by: Neglection · date: 10:40pm - June 20 2006
Well, I would have to say normal is the standards for the particular grouping. Therefore, normal is suseptable to what you liken yourself with. Hence, when a punk person wears punk like clothes, it is normal, but when a prep wears them it is not normal. Normal then, must be a centralized pattern of habbits or ideals with either set or flexable standards of deviation. Once an entity ventures beyond the standards of deviation for a perticular grouping they become abnormal, and either liken themselves to another grouping, or become the grouping themselves. If in the later case, one becomes their own grouping, the standards of conduct become totally dependent on the entities previous behaviors and their own set standards of deviation. Indeed, though, one cannot become abnormal to themselves, only likened to another.

In short, normal is usual conduct. The only boundries to normal are the ones that are set by yourself. You can never be abnormaly yourself, only normal to a new extent.
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posted by: BleedingSerenit... · date: 4:55pm - June 17 2006
I don't think normal exists, I think it has always just been a made up myth like a fairy tale that makes children happy. Normal is just a figment of mankind's imagination. There is no normal, only nature and instinct and life. You can't make limits because things are forever changing and evolving whether you're talking about how every generation is less harrier and more intelligent as our race evolves or about how someday men might live on another planet. If a man is excessively harry it's not because he's abnormal, that's just nature and it's what we were derived from. Whether death is a thing that gets you off or makes you sick is not normal or abnormal, it's just that individual's instinct of how to react. It's life. And existence is forever unbound by any law or limit.
"Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I'm not perfect and I don't live to be. But, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean.”

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