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username: TatteredRagDoll
age: 26 Leo
sex: female
country: United States
web site: www.yellowscreations.com
about TatteredRagDoll
"Snowy-white Rosy-red,
Will you beat your lover dead"
-Grimm Brothers (Snow-White and Rose-Red)

"My little bird, with necklace red,
Sings sorrow, sorrow, sorrow,
He sings that the dove must soon be dead,
Sings sorrow, sor- jug, jug, jug"
-Grimm Brothers (jorinda and Joringel)

"It was my mother who murdered me;
It was my father who ate of me;
It was my sister Marjory
Who all my bones in pieces found;
Them in a handkerchief she bound,
And laid them under the juniper tree.
Kywitt, kywitt, kywitt, I cry,
Oh what a beautiful bird am I!"
-Grimm Brothers (The Juniper Tree)

"Up went the cat, pit-a-pat, pit-a-pat.
She knocks on the door, rat-a-tat, rat-a-tat!
"Mrs. Fox, are you there?"
"Yes, yes, pussy dear!"
"There's a suitor below,
Shall I tell him to go?""
-Grimm Brothers (How Mrs. Fox Marries Again)

"What rumbles and tumbles
Against my poor bones?
I thought 'twas six kids,
Bits it naught but big stones"
-Grimm Brothers (The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids)

"The little Spider's scalded herself,
And the Flea weeps;
The little Door creaks with the pain,
And the broom sweeps;
The little Cart runs on so fast,
And the Ashes burn;
The little Tree shakes down its leaves-
Now it is my turn."
-Grimm Brothers (The Spider and the Flea)

"Nibble, nibble, like a mouse,
Who is nibbling at my house?"
-Grimm Brothers (Hansel and Gretel)

"There they go, there they go!
There is blood on her shoe;
The shoe is too small,
-Not the right bride at all!"

"There they go, there they go!
No blood on her shoe;
The shoe's not too small,
She is the right bride after all."
-Grimm Brothers (Cinderella)

I absolutely love the Grimm brothers fairytales. They wrote hundreds of stories, including the origonal Cinderelle, Snow-White, Repunzel, Hansel and Gretel, and so on. Most of the stories, however, that disney adopted had to be revised for children because some of them aren't that sweet to be bed time stories.

For I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings...
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posted by: rainingpoison · date: 5:45am - June 07 2009
The world needs some kind of passion right now. Maybe compassion...
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posted by: NeroAnima · date: 12:33pm - May 08 2009
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posted by: Geist · date: 10:00am - November 20 2008
Nice, A Song of Ice and Fire are my favorite books.. if he'd ever finish them.
Acceptance is not as powerful as submission.
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posted by: guest · date: 9:59pm - June 04 2007
Nice snake. I want one now!!!!
Lord Nemo. Bored now :p

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